To explore the practical side of Christian living.
We examine a variety of topics in an interactive format. Topics range from time & money management, to spiritual growth, marriage & parenting issues, and to Christian history and Christian doctrines.

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UPCOMING TOPIC: Resurrection and Life

2 weeks: April 12-19, 2015)
Sundays @ 10 am, Room 3040

This 2-week interactive session is for skeptics, seekers and believers alike.  Come join us as we will look at the historical evidence of the resurrection of Jesus.  Bring your questions along.  Christians are truth seekers and truth seekers are not afraid to look at the evidence.  You will learn that our belief in the resurrection of Jesus impacts how we live today.   




NEXT COMING UP: Infertility & Adoption - A Christian / Pastoral Approach

4 weeks: April 26 -1May 17, 2015)
Sundays @ 10 am, Room 304

Session 1: Biblical Framework
Session 2: Dealing with the Pressures of Infertility
Session 3: Options in dealing with Infertility (Part 1)
Session 4: Options in Dealing with Infertility (Part 2)


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