Our Church

The Willingdon Community

Willingdon is a community church, international in attendance, biblical in its message, uplifting in its worship, focused in its commitment to prayer, warm-hearted in its touch, and committed in its service to all ages from all walks of life.

We have a weekend attendance of over 4000 adults, 800 children and 400 youth. We provide service translations into 10 languages, reflecting the cultural diversity of our city. Willingdon also enjoys many community connections that allow us to daily touch the lives of people living within our area.

It is our prayer that you and your family will be able to get connected into one or more of our many ministries to help you in your spiritual quest to know and serve the Lord, as well as meet some new friends and do life together.


Some Christians feel that local church membership is unnecessary since they now belong to the “invisible” or universal body of Christ. Yet, it is important that believers be knitted into the local body of Christ. Christ showed his discontent with secret or distant followers. He listed His disciples by name and number.

The church is different from all other institutions in that it was established by Jesus Christ. The church is God’s choice way of presenting Himself and His ministry of redemption to our communities.

If you confess Jesus as your Lord and Saviour, you can become a member of Willingdon Church by water baptism, or by confession of faith for those who have already been baptized. You will be required to complete the Discovering the Church Family course where you will learn more about the church family and the importance of baptism and membership.

Members of Willingdon Church are committed to our Membership Covenant.

Membership Covenant