Serving Opportunities

Serving at Willingdon Church

Willingdon Church is one of the larger churches in the area, but you will find, however, that it has a small feel to it because there are many opportunities for you to meet and make friends who also want to know and serve God. Nothing seems too big when you have some friends with you, and serving in ministry is a great way to build friendships within smaller communities in the church.

As our attendance and ministries continue to grow, the need for volunteers continues to grow as well. Volunteers are so essential to the services and programs here at Willingdon. We need YOUR help, time and skills to make us a better church and a better community.

Why Serve?

Serving in ministry is not only a wonderful way to get connected and meet others with similar interests, but it also gives you an opportunity to better understand your spiritual gifts and how to invest them in serving others.

Furthermore, these are great ways in which you can bless the church family, guests and neighbours in the community – showing them the love of Christ. What a wonderful opportunity to build relationships with one another as well as grow in relationship to Jesus!

We are confident that there is a place of ministry for everyone who calls Willingdon their home church. May God enable you to grow in your walk with Him as you take the step to serve Him.


Group Serve

If your Small Group would like to get involved in serving as a group, check out the various ideas and opportunities listed on the Group Serve page.