Dr. Paul Chamberlain, Director of the Institute for Christian Apologetics, will be delivering a series of lectures on foundational questions of Christian ethics and scripture. These interactive lectures will challenge those in attendance to think carefully about the ethical questions that lie at the heart of the moral confusion in western society. Dr Chamberlain will help you think through how to live out and express the Christian faith in the ever-changing Canadian culture. These lectures will help you to consider the social and ethical issues of society with a Christian worldview. Special emphasis will be given to the issues of physician-assisted suicide.

Key Issues will Include:
•   How can I navigate the ever changing moral maze in a way that honors God and human dignity?  •
•   Why does society seem so morally confused?  •
•   What does tolerance mean and look like?  •
•   Is it wrong to hold others to my moral values?  •
•  Do right and wrong even exist or is it all relative? •

DATE: May 12- 14

TIME: 6:30-9:30 pm

LOCATION: Willingdon Church. 4812 Willingdon Avenue, Burnaby, BC.

COST: $25

For more information or if you have any questions contact: wsb@willingdon.org


This program of study includes 18 college-level courses that will walk you through the entire Bible. Each course is eight weeks long (one evening per week). Classes include lecture, discussion, tests, and out-of-class assignments. Courses are offered only in a classroom environment, and not online or by self-study. These are exciting but also serious courses designed to call forth your best efforts as you learn the joys of studying God's inspired and inerrant Word at a deeper level.

Program Durations: While students are free to work on the program at their own pace (part-time), it is possible to complete the program at Willingdon School of the Bible in just 3 years (full-time). A student wishing to complete the 3-year program would need to take 3 courses per term. If you are interested in entering the 3-year program, you need to let us know when you first register as a student at Willingdon School of the Bible. Please download the Academic Catalogue (download at the top) for more details.

WSB 110 (Old Testament Panorama), WSB 120 (New Testament Panorama), and WSB 130 (Introduction to Biblical Studies) are pre-requisite for all other courses. New students are encouraged to begin in the Fall Term with WSB 110, but may enrol in Winter Term (WSB 120) or Spring Term (WSB 130). To continue on to the 200-, 300-, 400- and 500- level courses, these three foundational courses must be completed.

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Payment of fees must accompany your registration form to secure a space in the class. Early registration is encouraged. Please check the current registration form for course registration deadlines. The cost for each course is $75 and includes all required course materials and textbooks.